The social work experience of groups in class: an approach to Corino de Andrade’s disease based on the Service Learning Methodology

In cooperation with the Balearic Association for Corino de Andrade’s Disease (ABEA), the University of the Balearic Islands has carried out a teaching innovation project in one of its group social work subjects on the context of the 17th SDG. The main objective was to raise awareness among future social work professionals about people affected by Corino de Andrade’s disease and their families.


Application of the methodologies of social work in the sphere of education. The UniverDI programme: University education for young people with learning disability

In education, social work has been characterized by an incomprehensible absence of a professional figure or, in some cases, by the scant involvement of such a figure. It is unquestionable to debate that the presence of social work in educational systems would not bring countless benefits to the various players involved in the educational community (students, family members, teachers, administrative and service staff, institution, community, and/or engaged public administrations).


Care, independent life and functional diversity: Theoretical analysis and practical links

In this article we explore the theoretical connection between studies on care and the proposals offered by the social disability model. The aim is to highlight the scientific knowledge generated by the group of people with functional diversity to incorporate it into the various approaches to care. Our ultimate goal is to forge a model of care that meets the demands of the movement for independent life in terms of functional diversity.