The aim of the editorial board of RTS is to invite social workers to take part in the editorial section. As a result of their professional track records and reflective thought, they have the ability to broaden our perspective on a host of issues that are vital for society and social work at any given time. We at the editorial board reserve this section of our journal in
order to share exceptional events with you the readers.

None of the previous editorials from this board has ever been influenced by such an exceptional situation as the one that compels us to fill this section now: the pandemic involving the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Words are never devoid of meaning. The word pandemic comes from the Greek pan “all” and demos “people” and firmly defines what is taking place right now all around the globe. It is something that is happening to every one of us, to humankind as a whole. We are witnessing the rapid spread of a new disease.

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Citation: (2020). Editorial. Revista de Treball Social, 218, .
RTS 218