Showcasing institutional racism: the experience of the “Municipal Register for Everyone” task force in Tarragona

Sáez Rodríguez

The “Padró per a totes” (municipal register for everyone) task force – whose members include anti-racist bodies and local community groups – has worked throughout 2023 to improve access to municipal registration for individuals suffering from racialisation in the city of Tarragona. The origin of this campaign stems from the participatory diagnosis “Derives Migrades”, which identified institutional racism within local authorities, particularly emphasising the obstacles encountered by migrant communities in accessing municipal registration. The campaign has fought for acknowledgement of the right to municipal registration via training, political advocacy and solidarity among residents. A number of initiatives have been carried out, including research endeavours, informal meetings, informational material handouts and the escorting of individuals attending local offices, with two goals in mind: highlighting discrimination against racialised individuals who wish to register; and, acquiring tools to support those affected by this situation. Emphasis is placed on the importance of raising awareness among and training administrative staff, in addition to implementing protocols to counteract this discrimination. More inclusive policies, transparency in the registration process and a legislative framework prioritising fundamental rights are crucial to addressing this issue. Activism and public awareness are also vital in combating institutional racism by encouraging such practices to be unveiled and resisted.

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Municipal registration, institutional racism, migration, mutual aid.
Citation: Ziur, N., Sáez Rodríguez, A. (2024). Showcasing institutional racism: the experience of the “Municipal Register for Everyone” task force in Tarragona. Revista de Treball Social, 226, 1-16. doi:
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