Interculturality and social work: new realities; new challenges

Feu Closas

The article proposes the new challenges of Social Work with the important migratory movements in our country during the last years. The social workers find themselves confronted with new, socially very complex situations, with new inequalities, with social movements in interaction and in the process of change and therefore the need of new reflection, of a redefinition of their intervention models. Because of the new challenges a better preparation of the professionals in the social area is needed to be able to face the processes that generate environment the insertion and the integration of the population of newcomers in its territory. The theories of complexity, of intercultural relation and communication bring us elements to improving understanding our societies and can help us with this network, more transversal, more communitary, in relation to the processes of our society already considered as “multicultural” towards “interculturality”.

Interculturality, complexity, integration, transversality
Citation: Feu Closas, M. (2023). Interculturality and social work: new realities; new challenges. Revista de Treball Social, 225, 137-147.
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