In The pathways that social policies follow are commonly haphazard, opportunistic and even scarcely believable. This does not mean we need to despair about whether these policies will come to fruition as long as the demands made by a large portion of the individuals affected are viewed as indispensable and urgent. This is particularly true if these
demands are assessed according to expert criteria. This situation has recently applied to an old promise that addresses one of the major issues and inefficiencies that many users of the social services system have been putting up with for a long time.

For readers of RTS who follow us from the various autonomous communities of Spain, from other countries or even from other continents, we should note that we are referring to an old ambition held by the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, but one which may also be replicated in the relevant regions of our readership. Despite our presumption that this issue may apply universally across the board, at the same time we must acknowledge that the analysis we are setting out deals with an obvious
specific context.


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Citation: (2023). Editorial. Revista de Treball Social, 224, 8-10.
RTS - 224