In this edition, we are pleased to show you the outcome of our initial deeds in charge of the Revista de Treball Social (RTS). We have formed a team of individuals to take on the responsibility of directing RTS for the next four years –comprising associates affiliated with official bodies in the professional and academic spheres– and we are represented throughout Catalonia in a way that highlights the genuine commitment to bring RTS closer to everyone in Catalan territory.

Our editorial undertaking entails a commitment to universal dissemination and transfer of the knowledge and practice of social work with regard to social welfare, social rights, public policies, the social protection system and welfare organisations and bodies.

This team acknowledges the accomplishments of previous teams who have helped make RTS a cutting-edge journal; one that is accessible, adapted to new forms of communication and knowledge management, one that promotes critical analysis of social realities and which highlights professional experiences on the basis of practice and research.


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Citation: (2022). Editorial. Revista de Treball Social, 223, 7-8.