Checklist for complying with the rules and acceptance of requirements for submission of articles

Here you can see the checklist for complying with the rules and the requirements for submitting articles.

Authors must check that their articles meet the requirements shown below; otherwise, they will be returned.

  • The body of the article shall be anonymous: it shall not include the authors or personal details, and any elements that would make it possible to directly or indirectly identify the author shall have been removed. Confirmation has been given that the term “Author” has been used for direct references to one’s own work.
  • The manuscript shall be sent in .docx or RTF format, including the bibliographical references, tables and figures.
  • References in the bibliography shall include the DOI or the URL address, as applicable, wherever possible.
  • The text shall be submitted in Arial font, size 12 for the body; 1.5 line spacing; 3 cm margins.
  • It shall include: an abstract (no more than 250 words) in Spanish, Catalan or English; and the keywords (no more than 5) in Spanish, Catalan or English.
  • Figures and tables shall be in the relevant point in the text, numbered consecutively, titled, and with the source. They shall be in black and white, according to the pre-determined format, using single line spacing with text written in the Arial font.
  • Grants or financial support and the source thereof shall be declared, if applicable.
  • It should be stated that the article meets relevant ethical research requirements.
  • The manuscript shall adhere to the specifications of the section to which it is addressed.
  • Bibliographical references should be reviewed and adhere to the style and format of the international APA regulations required for the journal